A Nomadic Retirement – CountingPips

Try to make routine withdrawals of your revenue when trading. Lots of people do not do this and can never ever really experience their physical profits. It is your cash to do with as you please, you do not have to keep all of it in the trading account. Don’t begin thinking that you can make the most of revenues by putting every penny back in due to the fact that you could still lose. Make time to enjoy your earnings.

A Nomadic RetirementCountingPipsLots of retirees are already living a nomadic retirement. You’ll be sure to come across them. Apart from enjoying their rich stories, don’t forget to ask them for advice and suggestions on where to go next. In the end, they’re much more likely to offer …and more »…A Nomadic Retirement – CountingPips

Being careless with what you are trading, or being oblivious has triggered lots of to people to fall short. If a stock is currently losing, there is no point in putting more cash into it. Good sense informs us that this is a bad idea, however a lot of people appear to not pay attention and do it anyways. Make certain you are knowledgeable about your trades, and pay attention to your gut feelings when purchasing.

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