Oil slump: Dollar now sells for N208

Trend lines in Forex trading are basic lines indicating rate pivot points, or the indications of when the rate was withstood or supported. Support and resistance are likewise basic things to learn, though they could seem tough, do your study on these 3 products initially. Learning about and comprehending trend lines will greatly improve your chances on the Forex market.

The naira on Friday crashed against the United States dollar from 191 to 208 at the parallel market, otherwise known as the black market. The dollar sold for between N205 and N208 on the streets of Lagos, Abuja and other major cities in the country. The currency had exchange for between N188 and N191 on…  [Read More…]…Oil slump: Dollar now sells for N208

Take viewpoints from others in the markets with a grain of salt. If you permit others to regulate your choices with speculations and uncertainty, you lose control. The supreme objective is to build your positioning from strong decision making which can just originate from you and your self-confidence in the understanding you have actually acquired with homework and experience.

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